Telephone Lines

The Practice now has 14 incoming telephone lines. On most days we have 12 clinical staff available to answer calls for same day problems. This is far more than we have ever had. Some people still find it difficult to get through especially in the morning but that is due to the massive increase in demand over the past couple of years. The time between 8 am and 10 am is the busiest as people who need same day contact are calling. If your call is not urgent for that day, please call after 10am as the lines are less busy then. As well as same day morning calls, we offer booked appointments with all clinical staff for problems that can wait.

We are doing the very best we can to provide access and bookable appointments and to provide as much continuity of care for people who need it. Please work with us. We have only so much capacity and need to make sure that the care we give is safe. We also need to balance the demand for acute care with the needs of people who have ongoing or long term conditions.

Published on 23 November 2023