Additional Roles at Dovercourt Group Practice April 2024

1. Clinical Pharmacist is a Pharmacist who works in the Practice and not in a Community Pharmacy and they work with the Doctors and other clinicians to ensure safe use of medication. They carry out Medication Reviews, advise on medications and possible side effects, liaise with the Community Pharmacies, and manage medication changes following Hospital attendances and admissions.

2. Pharmacy Technician is a qualified Pharmacy assistant who works under the supervision of the Clinical Pharmacist to ensure the safe, accurate and timely supply of prescribed medication to patients. They communicate with patients around their medication queries, advise clinicians, work with Community Pharmacies when there are shortages of certain medication to ensure patients’ needs are met and carry out safety checks.

3. Physiotherapist is a professional trained in Musculoskeletal diagnosis and therapy. Patients can self-refer to the Physio or be referred by another member of the Clinical Team. They provide therapy and advice and can refer on to the MSK service if necessary.

4. Physician Associates are not Doctors but work alongside the Doctors and are supervised by them. They are able to take medical histories from patients, carry out physical examinations and arrange and interpret investigations, produce management plans, and suggest medication. They are not able to prescribe independently at present so a doctor checks and issues any prescriptions. They carry out home visits and provide health promotion and disease prevention advice for patients and are able to refer on to specialist care.

5. GP Registrars are fully trained Doctors who have spent several years working in Hospital after qualifying. They are training to become GPs so are supervised by their GP Trainer in the Practice.

6. Medical Students are trainee doctors and cannot work independently. They can see patients, take a history and examination, develop a plan which then has to be checked by a GP who is their teacher. All their work is carefully supervised, and they are not able to prescribe although medication can be agreed and prescribed by their GP teacher.

7. Advanced Nurse Practitioner or ANP is a qualified Nurse who has undergone specialist training. They are able to assess, examine and treat patients independently within their scope of expertise such as Minor Ailments, Diabetes, Asthma as examples.

Published on 24 April 2024